Featuring retro graphics and music reminiscent of Nintendo's 8bit NES, Soccer Superstars for Android is a charming soccer game with RPG elements. Made by Gamevil, a Japanese company, it even offers English translations that often seem slightly off without ever rendering the intended meaning incomprehensible.

Soccer Superstars for Android features several different gameplay modes, ranging from cultivating the talents of an individual player to being the manager of a team to picking a team and taking it on to the pitch.

Soccer Superstars for Android

England: good in midfield, apparently

The controls in Soccer Superstars for Android are easy to master, and a quick tutorial guides you through the basics of how to play. As a result, you get started right away, rather than struggling with a complicated control scheme. And even though the controls are straightforward, a lot of strategy is involved in gauging when to pass, when to shoot and so on. Since the game retains the rules of football, fouls and penalties apply. Luckily, the help section of the game does a good job of explaining these points to novice players.

Avid football fans will probably most enjoy playing the manager mode. Here you have various options for tweaking and improving your team's statistics as you play through various tournaments and international friendly matches, trade players, and make various other changes.

Although the formations you can create for your team are somewhat limited, you at least get to decide whether to play attacking, defensive or balanced play - and combining these two features creates a wider array of strategic possibilities.

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Soccer Superstars for Android: Specs

  • Game for Google Android smartphones
  • Game for Google Android smartphones


Soccer Superstars for Android strikes the right balance between appealing to diehard fans of the sport and attracting more-casual gamers. It's easy to recommend this game to anyone interested in playing a soccer (or football, even) video game.