Quick Heal is an Indian software developer that makes Android security apps. Quick Heal Mobile Security for Android put in a fair performance when its malware-detection skills were put to the test.

In 10 of the 19 tests, Quick Heal Mobile Security for Android found between 65 and 90 percent of the infected samples. It caught 90 percent-plus of malware in a further five categories. See also: Group test: what's the best Android antivirus?

The Quick Heal Mobile Security for Android app scans both the Android device and any installed media cards, unless you tell it not to check both.

Our tablet was given a clean bill of health after 41 seconds and 2380 files. 

Scanning and deciding what to do with quarantined files seemed to be Quick Heal Mobile Security for Android’s main concern. It prefers to attempt to repair damaged or infected files, though details of how are not provided.

We changed our settings to delete suspect files instead and to remove quarantined files after 7 days rather than 30. 

Call blocking and number blacklisting are useful additions if it’s an Android smartphone you’re protecting. Quick Heal Mobile Security for Android will also keep a record of any unwanted SMS messages received so they can be reported and traced.


The Quick Heal malware scanner will probably protect your handset quite well while fending off unwanted callers. There’s not much to it compared with stronger contenders and we’re concerned that it wants to fix, rather than delete, suspected malware.