Think your PC and your smartphone don't mix? Think again. MobilEdit!, a £11.90 Windows application (free demo), bridges the gap between the two devices, allowing you to manage your phone and its contents from the big screen of your desktop or laptop.

The £11.90 fee includes a licence for two phones and one PC. A £22.61 Family Edition ups that to 5 phones, while a £38.08 Professional Edition covers 10 phones. A free version, called MobilEdit! Lite, allows you to view your phone's contents, but not write to it. (Weirdly, you can purchase MobilEdit! Pro for £2.99 as an iPhone app and get the Windows version for free.) The Android app - MobilEdit! PC Suite - is free.

MobilEdit! lets manage almost any kind of smartphone, from basic handsets to iPhones and Android smartphones. You connect your phone to your computer via USB, Bluetooth, IrDA,) and the software recognizes it automatically. I tested MobilEdit! with an Android and an iPhone, and it recognized both of them automatically. MobilEdit! can connect to some Android phones over Wi-Fi, but to do so, you need to install the MobilEdit! Connector app on your handset.

Once your phone is connected, MobilEdit! allows you to browse its contents using a Windows Explorer-like folder structure. While iPhone owners may balk at its price tag when iTunes is free, MobilEdit! frees you from the restrictions of iTunes, allowing you to view your iPhone's contents on a more granular level.

In addition to viewing the contents of your phone, MobilEdit! lets you transfer photos and videos to and from your phone, send text messages from your keyboard, and install applications to your phone. It's similar in many ways to Wondershare's MobileGo, but that product only works with Android devices. MobilEdit! works with a much wider variety of devices.

MobilEdit! Basic: Specs

  • Microsoft Windows 2000/7/Server 2003/Vista/XP/8
  • Microsoft Windows 2000/7/Server 2003/Vista/XP/8


Mobiledit will appeal to anyone who's looking to manage their mobile phone--no matter how basic or advanced it is-- from the comfort of their computer. It lets you examine your phone's contents thoroughly, and back everything up easily.