The IMDb app for Google Android gives Android smartphone owners access to the site's comprehensive film information on the go.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) has rightly become a must-visit web destination for film buffs keen to boast of their encyclopedic knowledge.

If you're not a movie egghead and want to gen up on the latest, this in-depth guide to the plotlines, characters, settings and actors in classic movies is for you. Trailers of the latest releases and a frequently updated Top 250 films are included, providing an ideal teaser or instant indication that a heavily promoted film isn't for you.

IMDb says it has details of more than 1.5 million films logged in its annals, along with a cross-referenced rundown of 3.5 million actors, directors, cinematographers, producers and other key players. 

As well as providing completists with a handy list of lesser-known parts played by Clint Eastwood or James Coburn, for example, it helps you decide which films are worth renting or allocating space for on your PVR. A section devoted to 'lowest rated movies of all time', for example, provides a warning list of absolute stinkers.

Although this idea may well have originated with reviews site Rotten Tomatoes, you'll thank IMDb's creators for the inclusion of this sub-B-movie alert function.

Keeping things current, you can find out which of the latest releases are worth booking to see thanks to the app's links to online reviews, while a tie in with Amazon stores in the UK, US, France, Germany, Canada and Japan allows you to order the DVD or associated merchandise of a favourite film. US users can even get up-to-date listings of where a particular film is currently screening.

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IMDb app for Android: Specs

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All in all, the IMDb app for Android is an excellent freebie, offering useful information on more than 1.5 million films on your smartphone.