This free app lets Google Android smartphone and tablet PC users print everything from word documents and images to PDF and excel files from their device without the need to connect it to a PC or laptop. The app is also available for iPhone and iPad.

To begin using the service via the HP ePrint Home & Biz app, users need to make sure the HP ePrint function has been enabled on the printer connected to the wireless network they’re using (most of HP’s wireless printers support the app but for a full list visit HP’s website). To do this, simply access the ePrint function on the printer, which will issue a unique code for the printer. Next, users should visit HP’s dedicated ePrint Centre and sign-up for an ePrint account with your printer’s code. The printer will be assigned a unique email address (which can be customised) and users will also need to specify the email addresses that are allowed to print to the device. Once this has been completed, printing from the Android device can begin.

We found the HP ePrint Home & Biz app itself was very simple to use. As soon as it’s been launched, users are offered the choice to view items stored in their photo album or documents store on the device. Then it’s simply a case of selecting the photo or document required and hitting the print button below and printing will begin. In the settings options, users can browse the printers connected to the wireless network to select the one they want to use, as well as choose from a range of different paper sizes and types, and even adjusting the number of copies and whether the document will be printed in colour or greyscale.

We also loved the fact that photo can also be cropped on the device before being printed by simply tapping the image and then dragging the corners of the crop box to where they’re required.

Meanwhile, those users that register with HP will find not only can they use printers connected to the same wireless network at their Android device, they can also print to any HP printer connected to the net providing they have been authorised to do so.

HP ePrint Home & Biz: Specs

  • Android 2.1 and up
  • Android 2.1 and up


We love the free HP ePrint Home & Biz app because it makes printing to HP devices from a Google Android handset or tablet PC very simple. The added crop function for photos is also a great added extra.