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The idea of Gyro is extremely simple – you take control of a multi-coloured wheel which looks almost identical to the Google Chrome logo. Coloured balls of varying sized fly into the screen from all sizes and you must match them to the three sections of the wheel. As time goes on, the speed and frequency of the balls increases. Read: 5 of the best apps and games for kids on smartphones and tablets.

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You can spin the wheel by touching anywhere on the screen and moving your finger, but the best method way is to use the bar at the bottom. You get a good amount of control over the wheel with adjustable sensitivity and it keeps your finger from blocking your view. See all Android app reviews.

Gyro gameplay Android

The game couldn't be much simpler and this combined with the attractive, almost retro design makes it extremely addictive. Larger balls are worth more points and any you collect help to increase your multiplier.

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If a ball hits a section which doesn't match its colour, it will lose some health. The game ends when one section runs out of health.

It's quite easy and therefore a little boring at the beginning of each game, but it doesn't take too long for some interesting and varied patterns of balls come flying in to test your skills. Gyro counters this by offering a checkpoint – starting 90 seconds before the end of your highest scoring game.

Gyro challengesAs well as the plain coloured balls, there are ones which contain viruses or power-ups. A virus, highlighted by a skull, is neutralised if collected into the right section of the wheel, otherwise it does nasty things to your game. They can do things like increase the number of balls, increase the wheel size and mess with your controls.

There are a range of power-ups including defender drones, a reduced wheel size, a shield and one which zaps any balls on the screen. These are all pretty cool but the defender drones can actually be a hindrance when blocking other power-ups.

By far the most important power-up is one which will replenish the health for one section of the wheel.

So far we've only talked about the app's Arcade mode but there are also Time Attack and Hardcore modes plus Challenges which can be purchased or unlocked. Furthermore, there is an optional online leaderboard and a neat unlockable 8-bit sound set too.

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Gyro looks gorgeous, simple and stupidly addictive. We haven't got bored of the free arcade mode, let alone the other content. It's easily one of the best mobile games around which we can find no fault with.