Dropbox Anroid app full review

The Dropbox app is a service that allows you to send your documents to a cloud server and then lets you reach them at any time from you Android, PC or any other supported device - all you need is an internet connection.

Once you have downloaded the app you will need to create an account with Dropbox. Don't worry though, setting up an account is free and Dropbox reward you with 2GB allowance. If you decide you want to use this service more, you can also upgrade the account from basic to Pro for $9.99/month for 50GB.

The Dropbox app for Android works a little differently from its desktop counterpart. There is no live sync function, so to sync your files into the cloud, you will need to go into the options panel located in the system bar and tap the 'Upload' button. A dialogue box give you four options Picture, Video, Audio or Any File. Unfortunately in our test, we were only able to upload one file at a time, which is a bit annoying to say the least. When you have selected your file, uploading it to Dropbox couldn't be easier, you just select where you want to save it and Dropbox does the rest automatically. In our test the app was very responsive and quick to sync files up to and down from the Dropbox server.

Dropbox Android app The good thing about Dropbox is that as long as you are connected to a Wi-Fi network or have a good 3G connection, you have access to all of your files that are stored on the Dropbox cloud. We found that viewing photos and streaming MP3s to our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 was no problem using our office Wi-Fi connection, however we'd recommend to download larger media files (rather than streaming) onto your mobile device before listening to or viewing them - especially over a 3G connection.

The design of the options panel is simple and effective, you can search for a specific file name, create new folders easily and we had no trouble getting to grips with this feature and found what we were looking for immediately. The Dropbox options panel allows you to search for a specific file name, create a new folder or document, upload a document to the Dropbox cloud, refresh the app (to view recent uploads or changes to your document) settings, and a help button that takes you to a very useful users guide document.

The settings panel has your account information along with how much space you have left in the cloud. The ability to password protect or your Dropbox application, as well as to unlink your mobile device from the Dropbox account. There is also information about the the app itself, ability to retry failed uploads or clear uploads. And even an option to see and clear how much cache the app is using on your mobile device.

The Dropbox application will automatically create a folder in your Root directory, which it will use to store all files that you choose to download from the Dropbox cloud. This is a handy little feature for keeping your files organised.


The Dropbox app allows you to easily backup your important documents and media files from your mobile device, it can be used specifically on your android device, however it can also be a great way to quickly sync your documents with your desktop or laptop PC, or just to move file easily between your devices. I'd especially like to see an update to this app where you could upload mulitple files at once as well as an automatic sync feature added.