Comodo Mobile Security for Android 1.2 full review

Comodo Mobile Security had consistent scores of 65 to 90-percent detection across most categories of AV-Test’s malware detection. There were four sections in which it pulled up short with sub-65 percent detection. Jifake and SerBG more often than not snuck past its defences, as they did with many other mooted anti-malware apps we tested. 

We have mixed feelings about the bright green and red Android character who briefly appears at Comodo Mobile Security for Android's launch. But this smartphone app is a good all-rounder, offering an initial health check, plus ‘anti-theft’ tools in the guise of remote lock, wipe and device location, plus an alert if someone changes the SIM in the phone, all for free. See also: Group test: what's the best Android antivirus?

A moderately loud alarm can be activated by texting alarm#your_password to your phone. 

The Health Check in Comodo Mobile Security for Android covers storage allocation, the status of installed apps and any blocked calls and texts received.

Its 10-second scan verified that our virus definitions were up to date (automatic updates were active), that there was no malware but one pending app could be a risk: we’d previously installed F-Secure outside of the Android Market. We were also shown a detailed breakdown of apps we’d installed and those classes as ‘system apps’. 

You can create a ‘private space’ on your handset accessible via a separate 16-character passcode. Here, you can store text messages, contacts and private call details – presumably the idea is to make your call history and voicemail hackerproof.