BluePoint Antivirus Free falls into the lowest category of security apps, where AV-Test found a significant shortfall in the app's ability to recognise Android malware. 

With 90-percent detection rates in only three out of 19 tests, Bluepoint proved woefully unequipped to deal with today’s Android threats, let alone those yet to be discovered. 

In 10 of the tests it found less than 40 percent of malware – a scary figure. See also: Group test: what's the best Android antivirus?

BluePoint touts its Cloud Antivirus scanner, with a sea of numbers and file names scrolling at great speed up the screen as it does its work.

A total of 3425 files were scanned in two minutes. BluePoint checks apps, the OS, files and any media cards that are presented, ticking them off when they’ve passed.  

Enterprise users get slightly different options from home users, namely an activation code provided by the IT adminstrator, plus different scanning schedules; but the scanning engine is the same. 

Real-time protection and notifications are active by default, but not weekly scans. Scheduled scans are available to the Pro version, priced at $4.99.


BluePoint Antivirus Free feels slick and could fool many people into thinking it’s effective simply because it looks busy and has lots of spinning numbers. In the lab, it proved itself one of the poorest malware scanners we tried.