Bitdefender Mobile Security consists of a malware scanner, an ‘anti-theft’ module, an application audit tool that checks on the legitimacy of the apps you've installed, a web security checker and an event viewer. 

When the program first launched, it prompted us to perform an immediate check of our hardware – on our tablet this took around 11 seconds. 

Mounted SD cards are only checked if you click the option to do so. Bitdefender Mobile Security also crosschecks everything against the Bitdefender threat list hosted online, so you’ll need an internet connection. See also: Group test: what's the best Android antivirus?

Its protection was above average, with results in the upper echelons of the 65 to 90 percent accuracy category that AV-Test highlighted.  

Of the 19 malware categories tested, Bitdefender Mobile Security posted excellent results (above 90 percent detection rate) in 14, with three in the 65-90 percent range. Blips were the Jifke and Opfake trojans that caught out many apps here. 

The application audit section of Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android produces a list of installed apps, the space they’re taking up and whether they are set to launch at startup. 

Bitdefender Mobile Security helps you deal with the culprits accordingly. 

A Web Security module can be used to protect you from malicious sites “and their traps” when browsing the web using Google’s default Android browser; other browsers don’t appear to be monitored. 

We found we were still able to access adult YouTube videos and several ‘nasty’ sites, including potential scam sites. 



Bitdefender Mobile Security is a decent malware scanner with additional cloud querying support. It does virus protection relatively well, but offers no discernible web filtering.