Kindle for Android provides another way to access and read your purchased Amazon Kindle e-books, but it lacks key features.

When Amazon released its proprietary Kindle e-book reader, it transformed the publishing industry. Then the company delivered a version of its e-book reader for the iPhone. Now Android users get a slice of the e-book action with the new Kindle app for Android. This app allows you to access and read your purchased (or free) Kindle e-books on your Android smartphone, and it automatically bookmarks the page where you left off reading.

To use this app you must first log into your Amazon account. If you don't already have one, you need to leave the Amazon Kindle for Android app and create an account in a web browser, which is unfortunate; it's an indicator of poor design when the user must leave an app to take advantage of core functionality.

But wait, you're not ready to return to the Amazon Kindle for Android app yet. First you need to configure your 1-Click settings, and then you can browse the Amazon catalogue and select your books - with your web browser, not with the Android app.

You can create bookmarks as you go, and jump to a specific location in the text. Unfortunately, the locations don't correspond to print-version page numbers; they are local and specific to your Android device. And although the menu has an entry for Go To My Notes & Marks, the app gives you no way to make notes, and no method to sync your Android bookmarks between devices. You can't search the text using the Amazon Kindle for Android app, either.

That last omission is a pity for the Amazon Kindle for Android app, because a search function would have been convenient for following along as your English class covers Great Expectations or one of the other expired-copyright classics of literature available for free on Amazon.

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Amazon Kindle for Android: Specs

  • Google Android 1.6 smartphone
  • Google Android 1.6 smartphone


In its current iteration, Amazon Kindle for Android provides a way to access and read your Kindle e-books, but it lacks key features and is awkward to set up.