AegisLab is a Taiwanese company that specialises in security apps for Android devices. While the company lists Windows security software, its main line appears to be in software apps that try to secure Android devices.

AegisLab Antivirus Free can be installed for free on either a smartphone or a tablet. On the latter, it scales up in portrait mode, but works well enough. 

The initial scan (after registration) took about three seconds and simply listed four apps that include adware. There was no mention of location-tracking or contact sharing. If you value an app but expect it to be flagged, there’s the option to exclude it from the scan or, more sensibly, uninstall it.

AV-Test rated AegisLab in the second group overall (65-90% detection) for its anti-malware capabilities. See also: Group test: what's the best Android antivirus?

This freebie app earned top-tier marks in eight categories and was in the second tier (65 to 90 percent detection) for a further five. 

In another six categories it rated sub-40% detection, including a total miss for variants of the Boxer Trojan.


AegisLab made a half-hearted fist of protecting an Android tablet or phone. The free version is a one-trick pony, with no other security features but that may be all you need.