1&1 MyWebsite Business full review

If you've watched TV recently you will have likely seen regular ads for 1&1 MyWebsite Business, a service aimed at small businesses and individuals, that promises websites in minutesfrom a choice of 120 plus business sector templates. The service is an all in one package that includes web hosting, domain names and the potential for numerous email addresses. For those with heavy workloads or few design skills, it's a potential time saver, especially as it includes industry specific text and photos to help get you started. Disappointingly, off the shelf these are hardly inspiring, looking dated and typically sounding generic, all within templates that look a little lost on our 27-inch iMac screen. See all Web design reviews.

Thankfully, you can easily edit photos, typefaces and text to make your 1&1 MyWebsite Business look more presentable to the outside world via simple browser based edits. 1&1 showcase a number of examples on their website that give an idea of the potential of the service for those willing to customise those templates. This is 1&1's real strength and anyone with even basic computer skills should find maintaining a 1&1 MyWebsite Business easy and accessible. This simplicity extends to a series of recently introduced drag and drops apps covering retail and social media options, such as Facebook and Twitter integration, which clearly adds value. Take a look at Serif WebPlus X6 review.

1&1 currently offers '50% off' discounts on a range of packages starting at £4.99 per month, rising to £9.99 and £14.99. These prices double after the first six months, which makes even the cheapest option a considered investment, especially as it lacks mobile website optimisation, which should be standard for any website. 1&1 claims the middle ground Plus package is the best selling option, although even this lacks professional search engine optimisation tools only found with the premium package. A '30 Day Free Trial' is also available as long as you cancel before the end of the 30 day period. All prices exclude VAT. Visit Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 review too.

1&1 MyWebsite Business review