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Components updated 8:00am, 14 December 2019

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Latest Components How To updated 4:00pm, 13 December 2019

  • How to update your BIOS

    how to update bios thumb 1200

    Improve hardware compatibility and performance by getting the latest BIOS version

    29 Jul 2019

  • How to check CPU temperature in Windows

    amd ryzen 1800x review

    An overheating CPU can cause your PC to shut down. Here's how to see how hot it's running

    25 Jul 2019

  • How to watch AMD's Computex 2019 press conference

    amd computex 2019 live stream

    Live stream to watch AMD announce Ryzen 3000 and more

    27 May 2019

  • How to set a default graphics card


    Select which graphics card you'd like to assign to programs and games

    03 May 2019

  • How to Overclock CPU

    how to oveclock cpu 1600

    We explain the risks and steps involved in overclocking your processor

    30 Apr 2019

  • How to add a graphics card to your laptop

    razer blade1

    We answer this commonly asked question about laptop graphics

    18 Apr 2019

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Latest Components Best Buys updated 3:37pm, 11 December 2019

  • Best SSDs 2019

    best SSDs

    An SSD is still the best-value upgrade you can buy

    21 Nov 2019

  • Best HDMI cables 2019

    best hdmi cables

    Here's all you need to know to keep your entertainment system connected

    18 Nov 2019

  • Best gaming monitor 2019

    best gaming monitor

    If you’re a PC gamer that wants to take the gaming experience to the next level, look at purchasing a dedicated gaming monitor

    25 Oct 2019

  • The best game capture cards of 2019

    elgato game capture hd60 s

    Capture cards make it easier to stream and record gameplay from any console or PC - here are the best

    30 Sep 2019

  • The Best Budget Motherboards

    the best budget motherboards msi

    Motherboards can be the most intimidating component to buy but we've selected some good ones to save you the headache.

    01 Aug 2018

  • The Best PC Gaming Cases

    the best pc gaming cases

    We've got the best PC gaming cases around in a neat little list just for you.

    22 Jun 2018

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