Doing this by hand is both tedious and time-consuming, with plenty of potential to miss something critical, whether it’s important files or your carefully crafted application settings. Enter, stage left, Laplink PCmover Professional, available for a limited time with up to 60% off the retail price.

PCmover Pro makes it incredibly easy to transition from old PC to new, and can even be used to recover everything from an old PC that’s died - provided the hard drive is still readable or you have a recent drive image backup to hand.

For most people, however, PCmover Pro will be used while you have access to both old PC and new. Just make sure they’re connected to the same network and you’re good to go. Install it on both PCs, then click 'Transfer between PCs' and follow the prompts.

Laplink PCMover Professional

PCmover Pro bends over backwards to make things simple, whether you’re transferring directly from old PC to new (by far the quickest option) or using the advanced options to produce a simple file-based transfer, transfer from an old hard drive or drive image (you’ll need to mount this as a virtual hard drive using your drive imaging program), or even just migrate between user accounts on the same PC.

A direct PC-to-PC transfer is as simple as it gets: make sure both PCs can see each other, then perform all required steps on your new computer.

You can choose to transfer everything by clicking ‘Analyze PC’ (but do click ‘View Details’ before ‘Start Transfer’ to see where you may have problems with unsupported or incompatible applications, which are left behind).

Alternatively, click ‘Choose What to Transfer’ to limit your transfer to exclude apps, settings or to choose specifically what you want to transfer across. Either way, after clicking ‘Start Transfer’ sit back and let the program complete the transfer. Once done, reboot and you should find everything you need is now ready to use on your new computer.

PCmover really is the quickest and most straightforward way to migrate from one PC to another, and we’ve got a fantastic offer lined up to make it unmissable.

Save up to 60% on Laplink PCmover Professional

This discounted offer is available until 31 January 2020, so make sure you take advantage before the offer expires.

Option 1: Laplink PCmover Professional 11 1-Migration licence down by 50% from £49.95 to £24.95

Option 2: Laplink PCmover Professional 11 3-Migration licence down by 60% from £99.95 to £39.95

Terms and conditions apply - see website for details. IDG UK reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.