Former CMO of HTC John Wang has created a new smartwatch that he describes as the opposite of the Apple Watch. "If Apple Watch were Barbie Doll then Noodoe Watch would be LEGO," he says. Here, we take a look at what the Noodoe Watch is all about, when it's going to be released and how much it'll cost in the UK.

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What is Noodoe Watch?

"These days smartwatches are laden with features that prove their usefulness on a wrist," say the Noodoe creators. "We believe that wristwear is all about self-expression, not features. Noodoe Watch is inspired by our belief that self-expression and creativity is essential to our human nature. We created Noodoe Watch so that everyone can bring alive on their wrist whatever their imaginations are capable of."

We'd be inclined to say that it sounds better than it actually is, because you can't actually design or create the smartwatch itself – that bit has already been done for you. What you can customise and personalise, however, is the digital part of the Noodoe, using a dedicated app for Android or iOS.

You can create your own images, text or watchface to drag and drop onto your Noodoe Watch in the app, causing them to appear on the actual Noodoe Watch's display. Enjoy poker? Why not create a design featuring playing cards. Perhaps you prefer hiking? You could create a watchface featuring a tree that grows leaves as time passes each day.

It's designed to be simple, but if you want more of a challenge you can take things further using the Noodoe Talk scripting platform, which lets you code your won functions for the smartwatch. Creations can be uploaded and shared in the Noodoe Watch Cloud, and there's a social element to it that allows you to follow others a bit like you do on Twitter.

The watch itself just looks like a black band, with a 32x128 pixel black and white screen. "In sharp contract to the exquisite look of Apple Watch, Noodoe Watch is simple, and has an understated presence," says Noodoe. There is no display to be seen, the pixels shine only when you want them to shine, and otherwise extinguish themselves quietly, blending seamlessly into the band's skin."  

The Noodoe connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, but it doesn't have any buttons, dials, or even a touchscreen. Instead, it uses what the company calls "Motion Magic," which basically just means you can use gestures such as a flick or flip of the wrist, for example.

While Noodoe focuses on the self-expression angle, the watch does still have most of the functionality you'd expect from a smartwatch, including the ability to see new notifcations, tell you the weather forecast or nudge you with a reminder thanks to the built-in vibration feature.

The battery life of the Noodoe Watch should be around a week long, the company says.

Noodoe Watch release date: When is Noodoe Watch coming out?

The Noodoe Watch is expected to arrive in June, but we haven't got a solid release date for the smartwatch yet. We'll update this article when we get more information.

Noodoe Watch UK price: How much will the Noodoe Watch cost?

There's no official pricing for the Noodoe Watch at the moment, but the creators have said that it's likely to be below $100, so probably less than £100.