Enter the Samsung Health app, with its plethora of features and tracking options: a simple-to-use fitness and well-being tracker that lets you stay on top of your health goals all summer long.

The Samsung Health app is designed to track a wide range of different exercises and activities. Whether you're golfing with your Galaxy 10 or swimming with your water-resistant Galaxy Watch, you'll find a tracker to suit your needs.

Find out how many calories you've burned and how far you've come in your fitness progress by selecting your activity and telling the app how long you've been engaging in it.

The Samsung Health app, also has some very enticing vacation-friendly features. Being away from your regular gym, pool or other facilities can throw a spanner in the works for even the most dedicated fitness enthusiast.

Samsung Health's Discover feature lets you find programmes that work for you, with exercises you can do in your hotel room, at the beach or even on the road. There's no need to drag along your fitness equipment, either: the app lets you find exercises that you can do without weights or other gadgets.

There are also fun Vacation Challenges, where you can compete with fellow app users all over the world to beat the challenge. Just click the Together tab and join a challenge that suits your current fitness level.

When you're staying active in the summer, there are additional challenges when it comes to staying safe and healthy. Heat makes your heart work harder and puts you at risk of dehydration. The Samsung Health app can remind you to drink your water, as well as tracking your heart rate and letting you know when it's time to stop and cool off.

Part of any good fitness regimen is adequate time for rest and recovery. Samsung Health has you covered here, too, with trackers for your stress levels and how long you're sleeping. With the Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Fit you can collect even more data, teaching you about the quality of your sleep and how you can improve it. The app also comes with meditation tools to help you stay on top of your stress levels and recover your emotional equilibrium in a difficult world.

The Samsung Health app is available right now for all your Galaxy devices.