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The updated Fitbit app, features three streamlined tabs for more intuitive navigation. Note that you can't switch back to the old Fitbit app look and feel once you have updated.

Fitbit Today screen

When you first open the app you’ll see the Today screen, which looks familiar if a little less colourful and skinnier than before. The Today screen gathers all your data and active challenges in a single streamlined dashboard.

You tap on a specific tile to see more detailed information and historical data. These pages don’t appear to have changed since the older version of the app, however.

Users can also quickly log workouts, hydration, food, Female Health, and more from the Today screen.

You can tap the “Edit” button to the right of the Today tab to change the order of all tiles, or remove it by pressing the garbage can icon (for Android) or unselect it from the Activity menu (iOS).

There’s also a mailbox icon at the top right to check notifications and messages.

New Fitbit Today screen

The Today tab now includes new tips (for example on using Fitbit Pay) and educational health and wellness insights to inform you about healthy activity and sleep habits. You can select the thumbs up or thumbs down button for insights you want to receive more or less of. It’s not clear if you can switch these insights off for good, however.

Examples of insights include:

“Trying to get fit? Keep an eye on your cardio fitness score. It estimates how well your body uses oxygen during intense exercise. Higher score = better fitness.”

“A regular bedtime and wake-up time can help you feel more rested, energetic and focused. Set a sleep schedule to help you stay consistent.”

Active Challenges and Adventures will now appear right on your dashboard in the Today tab.

Fitbit Share

Fitbit users can now share their daily stats with their friends.

Fitbit Discover screen

The Discover tab is used for exploring all the Fitbit features and experiences, such as Challenges, Adventures and Fitbit Coach workouts.

Users can add new Health & Wellness Stats tiles or add back ones previously removed.  

People can also tap the Workouts tile in the Discover tab to find a curated list of recommended video workouts that can be done anywhere.

Fitbit Discover and Community screens

Fitbit Community screen

The Community tab keeps users connected to Fitbit’s 27 million strong global social community, allowing you to “share inspirational photos, moments, and thoughts about your health and fitness journey”.

When the Community feature was added to the Fitbit app some time ago, there was a clamour about returning the default view to the Friends leaderboard rather than the new community features, as for many this is a key part of their Fitbit life. Fitbit has resisted this, and the Friends leaderboard remains another tap away from view.

The Community screen is where you can cheer, taunt and message your friends, and join communities of like-minded individuals for support and motivation in the Groups section.

Groups are based around topics, including fitness, nutrition, wellness and weight loss, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and heart health.

You can also create your own group for your friends, family members, or colleagues.