Fitbit has now, for whatever reason, decided to make the Inspire available as a regular consumer product and has a release date of March. It's March now so look out for it very soon.

The Inspire HR has a slightly different release date of 'mid-March' so will arrive slightly later than the regular model.

Fitbit Inspire

How much is the Fitbit Inspire?

Calling it the firm's 'most affordable fitness tracker', the Fitbit Inspire price is just £69.99 or $69.95.

if you want the Inspire HR then it will cost you £89.99 or $99.95.

Accessories include the following, in various colours:

  • Transform Inspire from a wristband to a clip - £19.99
  • Classic silicone wristbands with buckle and tang clasp - £19.99
  • Printed silicone wristbands - £24.99
  • Premium Horween leather wristbands - £34.99
  • Horween leather double wrap saffiano bracelets - £34.99
  • Stainless steel mesh bracelets - £59.99

Fitbit Inspire models and colours

What are the Fitbit Inspire specs?

There are two models for the Fitbit Inspire, which can be worn as a wrist band or as a clip-on like the discontinued Fitbit One. The pair are similar to the Fitbit Alta and Alta HR - available on Amazon.

The regular Inspire is available in black or sangria colours and features activity and sleep tracking, calories burned, smartphone alerts and a five day battery life. It's also swimproof and offers a touchscreen.

The Inspire HR, as you might expect add a heart rate monitor for real-time monitoring. It also has more advanced sleep tracking, goal-based exercise modes and can be paired with a phone to use its GPS for more accurate real-time pace and distance information.

It's also available in black with white a lilac options, too.