If you're after a cheap VPN deal, Surfshark's current 83% discount on a 2-year plan is one to watch. The promotion brings the price to just £1.59 per month, which totals to £38.16 every two years, down from the original £227.76.

Head to Surfshark now to get this deal which ends today, though we will update this article if the offer gets extended.

If you're wary of signing on to a cheap VPN deal on a relatively new VPN brand, you'll be glad to know that Surfshark sits in our top five of the best VPNs of 2019, having received 4 stars out of 5 in our review.

Some of its features include being outside the 14-eyes jurisdiction and a no-logs policy. It functions over 800 servers across 50 countries too, including the UK and US, which means you can use it to watch content that might be geographically restricted, like Netflix or the BBC iPlayer (though this may violate the terms and conditions of use). See our full guide to VPNs for streaming.

A couple of features that make Surfshark unique is HackLock, which lets you monitor whether your email ever leaks in a data breach. There's also the BlindSearch feature, which lets you surf the web privately and without ads.

In our review, the only drawbacks we identified on Surfshark was its killswitch feature isn't customizable, and the level of information you can see on the server list is limited, but these aren't deal-breakers when you get excellent security at the price of a coffee.

In a saturated market, VPNs often have on-going sales, but the discounts do fluctuate through the year, so it's easy to miss a good deal (which is why we're keeping track of the best VPN deals of the month).

NordVPN for instance, which dominates the VPN market, had its own 75% off sale recently which brought prices to £2.29 per month for a 3-year subscription. Prices have now increased now to £2.82, bringing the total discount to 70%. Also see our full guide to using VPNs here.