NordVPN points out that it is truly random: there isn’t a higher change of being given 1 month than 2 years.

On top that, if you sign up to a bundle deal which includes NordPass (a password manager) and / or NordLocker (encrypted cloud storage) then the gift of extra time will be applied to those as well as the VPN service.

Why choose NordVPN?

Even without the free gift, the two-year subscription is already great value. Although the full amount is billed up front as with all VPN services, it works out as £2.86 per month. That’s a 68% discount on the usual monthly price, if you were to subscribe on a rolling one-month plan.

In case you’re unfamiliar with NordVPN, it currently sits at the top of our roundup of VPN services and is one of the best-known.

NordVPN Black Friday deal 2020

In recent tests, the new NordLynx protocol – based on WireGuard – meant that NordVPN came out top of all consumer VPNs for speed. And since no-one wants to pay money to have their internet connection slowed down, this alone is almost enough reason to pick Nord over another service.

But add in the easy-to-use apps which are available for all popular devices, the great choice of server locations and its ability to unblock popular video streaming services (among other things), and it ticks all the boxes.

For those concerned about security and privacy, NordVPN is quickly moving to diskless servers so no data can be accidentally stored and extracted, and it has had its no-logs policy audited so you don’t just have to take the company’s word for it that your IP address, activity or any other data is never logged or saved.

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