The usual monthly price is £9.20, which over two years would cost you £220.80. Obviously, no-one would do this: the rolling one-month subscription is always the worst value with any VPN service.

Equally, though, you may not want to commit to NordVPN for three whole years to get the lowest price. This latest deal means you still get the service for £2.68 per month, which over the 24 months works out at £64.32. Prior to this, you'd pay £3.84 per month if you took out the two-year subscription, so there's still a respectable saving of £27.84 compared to the old deal, and that's well worth having.

As with all these types of deals, you have to pay the full amount up front: there’s no option to actually pay month by month, so you'll have to find that much cash (well, not cash, but you know what I mean) to take advantage of the deal.

NordVPN currently sits in the coveted no.1 position in our roundup of the best VPN services thanks to its speedy and reliable service and good customer support.

NordVPN deal June 2020

It’ll let you bypass regional blocks so you can get at the websites and videos that you want to watch, secure your phone or laptop when using public Wi-Fi and also help to ensure your privacy and anonymity when using the internet in general.

The other strength of NordVPN in particular is its thousands of servers around the globe, meaning there’s almost definitely one where you need to be – virtually,  that is – and it has also just rolled out an update which allows you to use the speedy new encryption protocol, WireGuard.