CEO Pete Lau had posted on the official OnePlus blog on Monday about the change and said it would go live today, but 9to5Google found leaked documents via a Chinese patents office on Tuesday and published the changes.

The retired design

There’s not much change, but Lau described it thus in his announcement:

“We are sharing this information with you the same day as we’re sharing it internally. We consider this community as part of our family, equally as passionate about the brand as we are, so I felt I should inform you about this change, before it’s publicly announced.

“On March 18, when we unveil the new brand VI for the world to see, we’ll follow up here on the forum with more details about what’s changing, what’s staying the same and what this means for the OnePlus brand. So, stay tuned for more in just a couple of days.”

Unfortunately for OnePlus the logo leaked a little early. The branding is in line with the typeface and design used for the packaging and marketing of the OnePlus 7T, and will presumably inform the look and feel of the collateral surrounding the OnePlus 8 launch that is expected in May. We don’t yet know if the coronavirus outbreak will affect this timeline.

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