The two executives used the hashtag #NewBeginnings to indicate a big reveal. We’re obviously hopeful, but it could also have been online hype to try and cut through tech Twitter’s chat about Apple’s WWDC conference that is currently rolling out online.

If the OnePlus Z turns out to be real then it’ll be a welcome addition to the mid-range phone space for the company. If it has the rumoured Snapdragon 765 with 5G, 5GB RAM and 128GB storage at a competitive price then it’ll prove stiff competition for the likes of Nokia, Motorola and Xiaomi.

Carl Pei even quote tweeted a 2014 promo tweet for the original OnePlus One, saying “It’s been a while”, leading to online speculation that the OnePlus Z will have the same mad-low $299 price as that phone. Though it’s more likely that a new product line and aesthetic will be the name of the game rather than a phone that costs less than half the OnePlus 8.