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Keep in mind, Amazon is also offering the two kits at the same prices as a part of its Hidden Gems sale that ends 12 November. Head to Amazon to pick up the 23andMe Ancestry and Traits kit for £63, or the Health and Ancestry Service for £74 – be sure to add the Amazon voucher before checking out to get the discount.

What sets the two kits apart?

The Ancestry and Traits service offers over 30 trait reports, 50 ancestry reports and a family tree builder. The Health and Ancestry kit offers the same package, but an additional 10 Heath Predisposition reports (such as your genetic likelihood for Type 2 Diabetes, Celiac Disease, Alzheimers and more), 5 Wellness reports (on sleep, lactose intolerance, and weight for instance), and over 40 Carrier Status reports (for Cystic Fibrosis, Sickle Cell, and hearing loss to name a few).

Head to 23andMe to learn more about what types of tests each package includes.

Best DNA and Ancestry Kit deals on now

See our dedicated round up for more deals on DNA kits. You can also browse through the top DNA and Ancestry kits offers below:

1. Living DNA Full DNA Kit

From: Living DNA

Was: £99

Now: £79  (£20 off)

£20 off the retail price of Living DNA's Full Ancestry DNA Kit

2. Ancestry DNA Kit

From: Ancestry

Was: £79

Now: £79

Popular best-selling DNA Kit from Ancestry

3. 23andMe Ancestry + Traits Service

From: 23andMe

Was: £79

Now: £79

Popular DNA testing kit from 23andMe

4. MyHeritage MyHeritage DNA Test

From: MyHeritage

Was: £79

Now: £79

Uncover your ethnic origins and find new relatives with this simple DNA test directly from MyHeritage

5. MyHeritage MyHeritage Complete gift membership

From: MyHeritage

Was: £189

Now: £89  (£100 off)

All features and historical records on MyHeritage so you can discover your family history

6. Ancestry Family Tree (6 Months)

From: Ancestry.com

Was: £83.99

Now: £69.99  (£14 off)

Save £14 when you choose the the UK & Ireland plan for 6 months.

7. The Genealogist Diamond Personal Premium (Annual)

From: The Genealogist

Was: £139.95

Now: £119.95  (£20 off)

You can save up to £20 on a bundle that includes the Diamond Personal Premium account with a free Discover Your Ancestors bookazine

8. The Genealogist Diamond Personal Premium - 4 Months

From: The Genealogist

Was: £64.95

Now: £44.95  (£20 off)

Get a £20 discount on the four-month Diamond Personal Premium subscription. It comes with a free 12-month free subscription to the Discover Your Ancestors Online Magazine.