Vodafone Smart Tab 4G Release Date, Price, Features

Vodafone has recently released the Smart Tab 4G, the latest in its line of budget in-house tablets, with this device specifically built for high-speed 4G browsing. Rather than aiming for tech-heads these devices look to be marketed at less tech-savvy consumers, allowing children and old people easy, unintimidating access to tablet technology.  While hardly rivals to the big boys like the iPad or Nexus ranges, they’re still pretty nifty little devices, and you can find out all the details about the new Vodafone Smart Tab 4G here.

Vodafone Smart Tab 4G: Release Date

The Vodafone Smart Tab 4G is available now.

Vodafone Smart Tab 4G: Price

The Smart Tab 4G is available in-store for £125 on a pay-as-you-go tariff, which includes 2GB of mobile data. Alternatively, you can pick one up for £29 with a £17 monthly contract including 1GB of data.

Vodafone Smart Tab 4G Release Date, Price, Features

With the iPad Air 2 rumoured to be around quadruple this price, Vodafone is definitely targeting the more price-conscious end of the market..

Vodafone Smart Tab 4G: Dimensions

The Smart Tab 4G’s 209x128x7.99mm dimensions put it at around the same size as an iPad Mini. Since Vodafone will presumably be intending this device mainly for use as a web browsing, video streaming and music playing tool, the more portable sizing makes sense.

Vodafone Smart Tab 4G Release Date, Price, Features

Vodafone Smart Tab 4G: Screen

The Smart Tab 4G sports an 8” HD IPS display, which while not as impressing as some of the AMOLED or QuadHD screens on the market is still pretty good, given the price.

Vodafone Smart Tab 4G: Processor

Powered by a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, Vodafone has promised a “4G experience without any compromise on performance” from their new tablet. This should prove to be plenty powerful enough for casual users.

Vodafone Smart Tab 4G: Camera

The cameras are 5Mp and 2Mp, back and front, which is fairly standard for a tablet.

Vodafone Smart Tab 4G Release Date, Price, Features

Vodafone Smart Tab 4G: Software

Vodafone has preloaded the Smart Tab 4G with Android KitKat 4.4, the latest Android OS (until the rollout of the Android Lollipop update, at least). It's also touting useful features such as ‘Smart Tips’, gesture typing and Google Now, to help new Android users get to grips with more advanced functions.