It's cylinder and wedge shape meant that the device is much easier to hold in portrait because the weight and centre of gravity are shifted towards your hand.

The shape also means that, when placed on a flat surface, the tablet is angled slightly towards you, Flipping out the built-in kickstand angles it further but isn't its main use.

It's primarily for 'stand mode' which does exactly what it says on the tin. It gives you hands-free use and the viewing angle can be adjusted a reasonable amount.

All this makes the Yoga Tablet extremely versatile and lends itself well in all kinds of situations, which is refreshing to see.

It's also nice to see bit of aluminium on a tablet other than an iPad, although only the kickstand and edging are made from the metal. The rear cover has a nice micro-textured finish but feels a little loose and tacky. (See also: best Android tablets of 2013.)

So far so good for the Yoga Tablet 8 but we're not blown away by the specifications. Core specifications are adequate but this isn't the speediest tablet you can get at this price.

8in of real estate is good but the screen resolution is put to shame by the Nexus 7. Although it does have great viewing angles we've found it to be occasionally glitchy.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 review: decent audio

We love the front facing speakers with Dolby Digital Plus making for an audio experience better than most tablets.

The rear camera is nothing to get excited about and luckily the front facing webcam is a decent quality for hands-free video calls making use of the stand mode, even if it is strangely positioned at the side. Take a look at 2013's best cheap tablets UK too.

The Yoga Tablet 8 is pre-loaded with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean and for some reason Lenovo has unnecessarily removed the app menu so icons clutter the homescreens.

You might not ever find it since there's no indication it's there and switched off by default, but a smart side bar gives you quick access to media content, apps and settings for the three tablet modes.

Lenovo touts a whopping 18 hours of battery life, with a varied usage mind. We got an outstanding 12 hours of video playback over Wi-Fi from the device.

The Yoga Tablet 8 is one of the best designed Android tablet's we've seen and has a reasonable price tag. Battery life is very impressive; however, mediocre hardware and performance stop it from trumping the competition.

We award four stars. See also: What's the best tablet in the UK?