Its shape means that sat on a flat surface, the tablet is angled naturally towards you rather than facing straight up. Flipping out the kickstand angles it further but its main use is to allow the Yoga Tablet to sit freestanding. You can even adjust the viewing angle to a certain extent. Take a look at our New Apple iPad Air review too.

These three modes make the Lenovo adaptable to all kinds of situations – something which other tablets can only get slightly towards with the help of a good case.

An optional Bluetooth keyboard sticks to the tablet with magnets but has a cheap plastic build and costs £79.

There's 16GB of internal storage and a microSD card slot but other hardware doesn't match up to rivals.

The 10 inch screen has good viewing angles but an unimpressive resolution meaning things don't look all that crisp. A quad-core processor sounds good but performance gets a bit slow when browsing the web and switching between apps.

Dual-cameras are of acceptable quality but we found the front facing stereo speakers more useful.

Connectivity features are basic with just Wi-Fi, GPS and Bluetooth, but if you happen to want mobile data then a 3G model of the tablet only adds £30 to the price.

The Yoga Tablet is running Android 4.2 Jelly Bean with a few modifications.  The general style of Android has been changed including fonts, menus and buttons.

A Smart Side Bar comes in from the side of the screen akin to the Windows 8 Charms Bar giving access to your favourite app shortcuts and the buttons to switch the sound and visual settings between the three modes.

There are lots of pre-loaded apps but these can be uninstalled. What's more of a problem is the uneccessary removal of the app menu meaning all your apps clutter the homescreens.

Lenovo offers excellent battery life here with a double digit result of 10 hours in our video playback test.

The great design of the Yoga Tablet 10 makes it a great buy. However, if it's performance and top-end specs you're after then you'll need to look elsewhere. We award four stars.