The latest two models are the entry-level, five-inch LeapPad 3 and the LeapPad Ultra XDi with seven-inch screen. They are reviewed in more depth in our LeapPad 3 Ultra XDi review

Apart from the screen size and storage capacity both LeapPads are pretty similar in function, including wi-fi and a limited but child-safe Internet browsing app called LeapSearch.

Each has two-megapixel still and video cameras at the front and back. Both now both feature rechargeable batteries to save parents money.

The LeapPad 3 comes with 10 free apps, and the Ultra Xdi has 11 out of the box. There are over 700 further apps and games available at the Leapfrog App Centre, with prices starting around £5.

Some games and apps allow peer-to-peer game play between children on separate LeapPads.

Leapfrog recommends the LeapPad for children aged 3-9 but we think the upper-age is more likely 6 or 7.

What we like about the LeapPad is its child- and parent-friendly features, and the fact that all the apps and games apply learning in a fun environment.

The LeapPad 3 has a retail price of £89.99 ($99.99) and the Ultra XDi costs £119.99 ($129), but you should be able to find cheaper prices online. We’ve even seen the Ultra XDi at LeapPad 3 prices, so look around, and check the best price comparison info in the main review.

If you want a tablet that your child can grow into, you might be better of buying an Android tablet, such as the Tesco Hudl 2, or one that's based on Android such as the Amazon Fire HD 6.