The Toshiba Folio comes with all the usual apps common to Android devices, including a camera, media player, GPS module and accelerometer. The device is also to play Flash video content thanks to its support for Adobe Flash 10.1. 

Aside from a branded media player, Toshiba has not added any of its own apps to the off-the-shelf Folio 100. However, the company ships the Folio 100 with an e-book reader, Evernote and Documents To Go file management apps and the Fring voice over IP phone call service.

Toshiba also primes the Folio with a music download service known as Music Place that allows users to directly download albums from the 7Digital online music store. In addition, Toshiba is touting the breadth of free apps that can be downloaded to the Android-based device from the Toshiba Marketplace. Among these is a Radio Place app that automatically locates internet radio stations that can then be enjoyed on the Folio. However, an active web connection is needed for this, so this feature is likely to come into its own with the launch of the 3G-enabled version of the Folio 100 which is set to go onsale in a few months' time. 

Measuring 281x81x14mm and weighing 760g, Toshiba says the Folio 100 offers a seven-hour battery life. 

The Toshiba Folio is available now from high-street retailers and is priced at £329.

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