While the iPad undoubtedly has the better app store for tablet apps and has guaranteed years of software updates, the Tab A looks like an intriguing prospect. For it to have a SIM slot for the $279 price is remarkable, and if you’re after a Netflix machine with the ability to add LTE if you want, it’s better value than iPad and many Android tablets.

Image: Samsung

The downsides are that it is unlikely to get many software updates, such is the state of the Android tablet market. It even ships with Android 9 Pie rather than the newest Android 10, which is a fine bit of foreshadowing to our point.

But if the Tab has the long battery life that Samsung promises, it could be an excellent option for an affordable tablet to do ‘tablet things’ on with 3GB RAM, an Exynos 7904 processor, headphone jack, and dual speakers with Dolby Atmos. Not bad.