One of the biggest rivals to Amazon's range of eReaders is Barnes & Noble and the firm's new Nook GlowLight is an alternative to the Kindle Paperwhite. See our Best eReaders of 2014.

The Nook GlowLight will cost you £89 making it cheaper than the Paperwhite which costs £109 from Amazon. However, if you look elsewhere, you can get it for the same price as the Nook – Currys is one example.

Like the other Nook eReaders, the GlowLight has a pebble-like shape and a reasonably sized bezel around the edge of the screen. It's fairly easy to hold the GlowLight one-handed like you would a phone as long as you don't have tiny hands.

A rubber edging which runs around the entire device aids your grip and should help in accidental drops, too. It comes off fairly easy and this is because you can buy other colour bands.

This is Nook's lightest eReader to date at 175 g which makes it 31 g lighter than the Paperwhite. It's a little thicker at 10.7 mm but this isn't noticeable.

At 6in, the screen is a classic size for an eReader and matches the Paperwhite on resolution. The screen is crisp and touchsensitive for navigation.

The main feature here is the backlight which can be easily switched on and off by holding down the small physical 'n' button. You can adjust the brightness too, and we've found that at night, the minimum is perfectly comfortable.

It lights the screen evenly and although there is there is a slight shadow around the edge – mostly at the top – it doesn't interfere with the reading experience.

There's space for 2,000 books on the GlowLight and you can download content over Wi-Fi. There's no 3G model and no support for audiobooks which is a shame.

You can carry on reading books with the free Nook Reading app and the LendMe feature allows you to borrow eligible titles for up to 14 days at no extra cost.

The Nook GlowLight is a decent eReader if you're looking for one with a backlight. It's lighter than Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite but its rival is available at the same price with more features.