Octa tablet mounts 1

What looks like the ultimate set of tablet mounts has a week to go on Kickstarter and has already passed its target.

Of course there are hundreds of tablet stands available in all shapes and sizes, but most require a flat surface to work on. See Tablet Accessory reviews.

Some others work as a wall mount, but all are effectively one-trick-ponies. The problem is, a desk or table is only one of dozens of places people would really like to use their tablets. 

So instead of making a car holder or a chair, bed, sofa, treadmill, wheelchair, shopping-trolly tablet holder. Octa's designer has made a modular system that works in all those scenarios and many more. 

It also looks super cool. And even the names will grip yyou like they grip your iPad.

Octa, maker of the TabletTail accessories system, has launched its second Kickstarter campaign, following on from the success of its first that raised over $100,000. 

Octa tablet mounts 2

The new project is for four new TabletTail components to allow users to stand, grip, wrap, hang, and use their tablet anywhere.  TabletTail accessories are mobile, modular, and interchangeable, with dynamic parts that can be paired to create personalized configurations.

The Octa TabletTail range lets users float their tablet in front of them for hands free use in every imaginable scenario.

The four new components include:

The Spider is a universal tablet holder that fits in your palm.  Using high-tolerance gears, its claws fling open – in an almost Alien-like fashion – to grip the sides of any tablet, ratcheting securely into place.

Octa tablet mounts Spider monkey

The Spider works on tablets between 14.73cm (5.80in) and 20.07cm (7.90in) in length or height. It grips the iPad mini across its length, for example, and the Compatible tablets include the Asus MeMO Pad HD 7, Google Nexus 7, iPad (all models), Kindle Fire HD 7 and HD 8.9, Lenovo IdeaTab, Microsoft Surface Pro and Surface RT, Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1, Tab 2 10.1, Tab 3 10.1 and Tab 3 7.0.

The Clamp is a versatile tablet mount that clamps to flat, round, or irregular surfaces. It can grasp surfaces up to 2 inches thick. Most iPad and tablet clamps require a flat surface and this Octa solution is great when you want to fix your tablet to something less standard.

You could even attach it to a swing or a hammock, or wheelchairs and high chairs.

The Bridge lets you connect multiple TabletTail components.  It bends and flexes in the middle, and both ends feature 360° rotation.  The Bridge is 5.28in (13.4cm) in length, including the connectors at each end.

The comparatively boringly named Wall Mount can be affixed semi-permanently to a wall, a desk, or another hard surface so you can incorporate your tablet into a home automation or entertainment system, or just leave it in the kitchen for easy reference while cooking.

“We want to make technology accessible and adaptable,” said Prometheus Trotsky, co-founder of Octa. “That starts with being able to physically place your device where you need it.  With a strong positioning system, you can use your tablet in ways that were never before possible.”

As befits a Kickstarter campaign if you back this project you will get your hands on the first products first.

For $50 you get the The Scorpion, a bundle that includes the Spider, Bridge and Wall Mount for a more permanent option to use tablets throughout the home, workplace or other environment.

For a $70 pledge you get the Spider Monkey that includes Octa’s enhanced MonkeyTail and Spider ? especially useful on a couch or in bed.

Octa tablet mounts Lynx

$90 get you the Lynx, which is a bundle of the Spider, Bridge and Clamp – for sturdy use in the office or in more adventurous environments.

And $150 will buy you the Kingdom Kit – an entire TabletTail system offering all seven components: the enhanced MonkeyTail, WhaleTail, Vacuum Dock, Spider, Bridge, Clamp and Wall Mount.