The Nabi 2 - see our full review - is a kids tablet which we can’t help but liken to an Etch-A-Sketch. It’s mainly because of the red silicone bumper which does a good job of protecting the tablet from low-level drops.  

Nabi 2: hardware

The nabi has 8GB of storage, with roughly 4.5GB free. That’s not much but there’s a micro SD slot for adding up to 32GB more. There are also micro USB and mini HDMI ports.

Like many kids tablets, it has an annoying proprietary charging cable, instead of micro USB. The good news is that it’s a USB charging cable which means you can
charge the tablet from any USB port that provides enough power, including in your car.

There’s no rear camera, but the front-facing 2Mp camera can be used for Skype video chats as well as selfies. There’s a pair of speakers on the rear, and some strange-looking squares which are for attaching letters from the optional Kinabi pack.

The 7in screen is the Nabi’s only real weakness. It has a low resolution by today’s standards, but the real problem is narrow viewing angles. In practice, though, it’s good enough, and we’ve yet to hear any complaints from our panel of young testers.

Nabi 2: software

Although you can use it in plain Android mode, the child-friendly Nabi mode is what your kids will see.

There are plenty of pre-loaded games and ‘educational’ titles, but there are also a lot of trial versions which nag you to upgrade.

Because this is an American tablet, the educational stuff is US-focused and not particularly great. Our six-year-old tester loved the selection of pre-loaded music and the MeeGenius ebooks app, though.

A recent update brought a major improvement: the Google Play store and Google’s own apps including Gmail, YouTube and Maps. It’s also easy to install Amazon’s Appstore on the tablet meaning there’s no shortage of great content to download.

It's simple to add or remove apps from the nabi mode in Daddy mode, giving you complete control over what your kids can see.

We like the Maxthon web browser, too, which lets you choose which websites your kids can visit.

Nabi 2: performance

In terms of performance, the nabi 2 is great. Its quad-core processor may hail from 2012, but it's still fast enough for gaming, browsing the web and doing all the other things kids love to do on tablets. Plus the battery lasts over eight hours when playing video – great for long car or plane journeys.


It’s not without its faults, but with Google Play, the child-friendly interface and a rugged design, this is one of the best kids’ tablets around.