Since debuting in 2013, the Surface Pro has become one of the most recognisable 2-in-1 devices on the market. As a result, new releases tend to garner a huge amount of attention. 

No sooner had the dust settled on the Surface Pro 7, people were already speculating on what its successor might be like. 

With a new Surface Pro expected before the end of 2020, here's everything we know so far. 

Surface Pro 8 release date

Microsoft holds hardware events twice a year, and has chosen to unveil the Surface Pro each autumn for the last few years. 

The Surface Pro 7 was announced on 2 October 2019, ahead of release on 22 October. We imagine it will be a similar story for its successor. 

Surface Pro 8 price

With nothing confirmed, our best guess on the Surface Pro 8 pricing again comes from how much the Surface Pro 7 cost. 

That device started at £799/US$749/AU$1249, although the maximum configuration set you back £2249/US$2299/AU$3749. A similar pricing structure looks likely, although that could rise if there are substantial upgrades.

What are we expecting from the Surface Pro 8?

Shortly after the release of the Surface Pro 7, a Microsoft patent was published with the title 'EXPANDABLE ENCLOSURE FOR ELECTRONIC DEVICE RESONANCE BOX’. 

From the included diagram above, it looks like Microsoft is planning for a dedicated speaker system to be attached to future iterations of the Type Cover accessory. Should this be available with the Surface Pro 8, it could deliver serious improvements to the audio experience. 

Further rumours on the Surface Pro 8 come courtesy of Windows Latest. In January, they reported on another patent that suggests Microsoft may include solar panels on the very same Type Cover, which may offer an alternative method of charging the Surface Pro 8. While it's unlikely both would be included, it shows Microsoft is thinking outside the box when it comes to upgrades. 

Surface Pro 8 wish list

Concrete rumours are relatively thin on the ground this far ahead of release, so here are five things we'd love to see on the Surface Pro 8:

  • USB-C for charging - Although Microsoft finally embraced USB-C on the Surface Pro 7, it still stuck with the clunky Surface Connect port for charging. It feels like a logical next step to use the port for charging, 
  • Slimmer bezels - The Surface Pro 7 might have significantly slimmer bezels than the Go 2, but we feel Microsoft could go further here. The Surface Pro X has shown us what is possible here, and there could still be plenty of room for a front-facing camera.
  • Better webcam - Talking of cameras, Microsoft has stuck an 8Mp sensor in the last three generations of Surface Pro. It's far from the worst webcam around, but with so many people currently relying on video calls, further improvements would be welcome here.
  • Bigger battery - While the Surface Pro 7's battery life wasn't a dealbreaker, it often struggled to make it through a full 8-hour day. Delivering upgrades that help it catch up to the competition in this regard should be a priority. 
  • New size options - The Surface Pro line has maintained a 12.3in screen since the release of the Surface Pro 4 in 2015, and never opted for more than one size. A display closer to 13in would provide a direct iPad Pro rival, while it would also provide scope to introduce a smaller-sized alternative.

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