With that in mind, we're already looking ahead to what its successor might bring. Here's everything you need to know about the Surface Go 3 at this early stage. 

Microsoft Surface Go 3 release date

We're not expecting to hear anything with regards to release date anytime soon but can take some pointers from the timing of previous releases. 

The original Surface Go was released in August 2018, before the Go 2 arrived in May 2020. 

If Microsoft chooses to establish a rough two-year update cycle, we'd expect the Surface Go to arrive in the first half of 2022. The company's Spring hardware event would be the most likely place, although that's pure speculation at this stage. 

Microsoft Surface Go 3 price

Again, the only clues we have with regards to price come from previous generations of Surface Go. The original started at £379.99/US$399.99, while the Go 2 stepped up to £399/US$399.99.

However, both devices could cost over £600/US$600, especially if you wanted to add on accessories like the £99.99/US$99.99 Type Cover. 

We'd expect Microsoft to stick with roughly the same pricing structure, ensuring it costs significantly less than the flagship Surface Pro line. 

However, as we detail in our Surface Go 3 wishlist, performance on these cheaper models has to improve to make them worth buying. 

Microsoft Surface Go 3 rumours

The first concrete rumour comes courtesy of a leaker on the TabletPCReview forums, who suggests that the Surface Go 3 may shift to AMD's Ryzen processors:

Known only as 'desertlap', the leaker claims to be a Microsoft insider, but there's no way of verifying what has been said at this stage. However, the same leaker revealed details about the Go 2 ahead of time, so it's not something that should be dismissed. 

Should AMD Ryzen chips come to the Go 3, it's likely they'd be as an alternative to Intel processors, rather than replacing them altogether. This is something we've seen with the likes of the Surface Book 3, so would make sense for it to trickle down to more affordable models. 

There's very little else to report, beyond the fact that we're expecting upgraded internals. Expect there to be an option for the latest generation of Intel processors, while there could be an increase to the current maximum of 8GB of RAM and a 128GB SSD. 

Should the Go 3 be released in 2022, there's a real chance that it will come with 5G support, too. The Go 2 already has an LTE option, so it would be a logical next step.

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Microsoft Surface Go 3 wishlist

With its potential release years away and rumours relatively thin on the ground, we've compiled a list of things we'd love to see come to the Surface Go 3:

  • Slimmer bezels - The Go 2 impressively shrunk the bezels to include a bigger screen within the same size body, but Microsoft could go further. The Surface Pro X has proven what is possible in this area, but it's likely the footprint of the device would be smaller rather than the screen any bigger
  • Improved performance at entry-level - Performance on the Go 2 was solid, but only if you picked The baseline Intel Pentium Gold chips wouldn't cut it for most people, so we'd like to see the Go 3 stand up to everyday tasks, regardless of the configuration you choose
  • Type Cover included - Microsoft is yet to include a keyboard cover on any generation of Surface 2-in-1 so far, despite it being a crucial accessory for so many people
  • Improvements to tablet mode - If Microsoft really wants people to use the Surface Go without a keyboard, using it as a tablet has to become more intuitive. Subtle tweaks, such as the ability to multitask and adjust quick settings more effectively would make a huge difference to the user experience 

We'll update this article as soon as we know more about the Surface Go 2. In the meantime, check out all the news on the Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4, two devices we're expecting this year.