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The Lenovo foldable tablet will show off a 13in display when it is open, closing down to 8 or 9in when folded. While this devices will only been seen in China at first it’s inevitable that these new-age devices will make their way to the west at some point in the near future.

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LG reportedly sees more potential in the market for a foldable tablet over a foldable phone, as the utility of being able to turn a tablet into something you can fit into your pocket could mean that the lines between phone and tablet could eventually blur completely.

Making a durable screen for a tablet is also reported to be easier as it won’t be opened and closed quite as much as on a smartphone.

Rumours that this folding display is being sold to other device producers are rife, as you would expect, but one thing is certain – foldable devices are coming in the next year or two.