The iPad Pro is the biggest and most powerful iPad from Apple to date and the firm, to an extent, wants it to replace your laptop. Now the Microsoft Surface Pro has a real non-Windows rival, as well as devices like the Lenovo Ideapad Miix 700.

Even though Apple was supposedly going to have special event in October, the firm has announced it today alongside the iPad mini 4, new Apple TV, iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. See below for everything you need to know about the new iPad Pro. Plus, scroll down the page to our Apple event video to relive the iPad Pro launch video highlights.

iPad Pro: UK Release date and price

Arriving on 11 November, the iPad Pro is now available to buy direct from Apple.

In the US the new tablet starts at $799, which gets you 32GB of storage. However, if you pay more at $949 then this jumps to 128GB.

There's one more model available if you want mobile data connectivity – the iPad Pro with 128GB of storage and 4G LTE support will cost $1,079.

Apple has also confirmed UK pricing, which is in line with the earlier predictions of our sister site Macworld:

  • iPad Pro Wi-Fi (32GB): £679
  • iPad Pro Wi-Fi (128GB): £799
  • iPad Pro Wi-Fi + cellular (128GB): £899

Vodafone has confirmed it is now offering the iPad Pro with a range of data plans. The 128GB version is available from £38 per month (with a £379 upfront cost) which includes 3GB data. Alternatively customers will be able to get a bundle with 10GB of data for £43 per month (with a £349 upfront cost).

iPad Pro Smart Keyboard

iPad Pro: Specs, hardware and features

One of the main things you probably want to know is how big the screen is on the iPad Pro. After so many 9.7in iPads, the Pro is the biggest we've seen from Apple and is 12.9in (the width is the same hight as a regular iPad).

The iPad Pro uses a resolution of 2732x2048 which means it offers 5.6 million pixels – that's more than a MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Apple says the display uses Oxide TFT technology meaning it can refresh pixels quickly while keeping colour even. It also is the first to offer a variable refresh rate and Apple says it's the most advanced display the firm has ever made.

Inside the Apple iPad Pro is a brand-new processor – the A9X which is the firms third generation 64-bit chip. The firm has doubled the memory bandwidth and claims that you get 'desktop class' performance.

The A9X is 1.8x faster than its predecessor, the A8X, on a CPU level and 2x better on the GPU side. Apple says these metrics have improved 22- and 360x since the original iPad. The new A9X means you can edit three 4K video streams at once.

Battery life on the iPad Pro is up to 10 hours, says Apple, and the device itself isn't much thicker or heavier than the iPad Air 2. The new tablet is 6.9mm and 712g (the Air 2 is 6.1mm and 437g).

Other specs include an 8Mp iSight rear camera, FaceTime HD front camera, 11ac Wi-Fi with MIMO, Touch ID and a four speaker setup which automatically balances depending on how you hold the iPad Pro. As mentioned in the price section, you can get up to 128GB of storage and there's optional 4G LTE connectivity.

Apple Pencil

What is more interesting is the accessories which Apple has made for the iPad Pro starting with the $169 Smart Keyboard case making it a Surface Pro rival. This connects to the iPad Pro via three small connectors on the side and simply gives you a physical keyboard with which to work (no form of trackpad we hasten to add).

Another option is the Apple Pencil (above) which will cost $99. It's a sort of stylus and Apple says the low latency means it feels like writing or drawing with an actual pencil and paper.

iPad Pro launch video highlights

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