If so, then it’s another level of Apple imitation that you have to say is admirable because it’s so ballsy. Huawei must have some good lawyers.

One notable difference is the cut out camera in the top left corner which seems entirely unnecessary given the bezels.

The drawback to opting for this MatePad Pro will probably be the software. Apple’s iPad Pros are getting better each year with updates and iOS is a fine maturing ecosystem for the iPad. Huawei’s EMUI on the other hand is difficult enough to get along with on smartphones, so we don’t expect the productivity to shine through on a tablet OS.

In our experience reviewing them, Huawei tablets rarely get software updates, either.

Another thing to bear in mind here is this Android tablet probably won’t ship with Google apps as per Huawei’s ongoing trade ban that stops it releasing new products with Google services.

We’ll see if the MatePad Pro comes to be and makes any sort of dent in the tablet landscape. For now, as you can tell, we’re more than a little sceptical.