Amazon Kindle 2014 release date, price and specs UK

It has a the same 6in 800x600-pixel E-ink screen as before, built-in Wi-Fi and all the same software features you’d expect from a Kindle.

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It isn't just the old Kindle Touch, though, as the new Kindle (with touch) doesn't have a speaker or a headphone socket. The design is also updated: it's much like the new range of Kindle Fire tablets with chamfered edges at the back. It's also only available in black rather than the graphite colour of the older models.

Amazon Kindle 2014: Price

The new Kindle costs £59 if you don’t mind ‘special offers’ appearing on the screen when you’re not reading. If you’d prefer to go advert-free, that will cost you an extra £10.

Amazon Kindle 2014: release date

The new Kindle will go on sale on 2nd October, but you can pre-order it immediately on Amazon’s website.

Amazon Kindle 2014 release date, price and specs UK

Amazon Kindle 2014: specifications

As with other Kindles, you don’t get a power supply in the box, so if you don’t already have a USB charger, Amazon will sell you one for £17.99.

The screen, as we’ve said, is the same as before and is lower in resolution than the Kindle Paperwhite.

The 1GHz processor means faster page turns, Amazon says, so this and the touchscreen are the main differences from the old Kindle.

It measures 169 x 119 x 10.2mm and weighs 191g, and has 4GB of memory (double the storage of the outgoing non-touchscreen Kindle) to store thousands of books.

 Amazon Kindle 2014 release date, price and specs UK