Amazon has launched a new tablet designed for kids: the Fire HD Kids Edition. It’s a Fire HD 6 tablet which comes with a pink or blue bumper case, a year’s subscription to the brand new Fire For Kids Unlimited service and a two-year warranty which covers accidental damage.

Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition: release date

You can pre-order the tablet immediately from Amazon’s website and it will be released on June 18.

Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition: price

The tablet costs £119  (with 8GB of storage) and comes with the bumper case and a mains charger. You can add a screen protector and stylus for £9.99 each; the backpack and headphones cost £24.99 each.

If you want more storage, there’s no SD card slot so your only option is to spend an extra £20 on the 16GB version.

Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition

Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition: specs

The tablet isn’t new. It’s the Fire HD 6 which we have already reviewed.

It’s a great tablet overall, although the cameras are a let-down. Performance is good, as are the parental controls.

The 6in screen has a reasonable 1280x800 resolution and has decent image quality. The speaker isn’t hugely loud, but as there’s Bluetooth you can buy a Bluetooth speaker.  

Since the Fire HD 6 costs £79 on its own, this means you’re paying £40 extra for the bumper case, year’s access to the Unlimited service and no-quibble warranty. For some it won’t be worth it, but for younger kids prone to drop the tablet a lot, it will be.

And don’t forget you’ll save a lot of money thanks to the Fire for Kids Unlimited service which means children can play games, read books, watch videos and use other apps without badgering you to buy them individually.

 Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition