Spotify’s latest beta includes a long-awaited feature that Apple Music has had in its full version for a while – real time synced song lyrics. A beta user tipped off Android Police, who first reported it. 

The user who reported the addition is on Spotify beta, though it seems to be a staggered rollout. Spotify’s old version of this feature was pulled in 2016 for some reason, and at present it only offers the ‘Behind the Lyrics’ feature that intersperses facts about the song with some of the lyrics – hardly a karaoke vibe. It’s also for very few songs, whereas Apple Music has full singalong lyrics for thousands of tracks.

Image: Android Police

According to Android Police the Spotify beta’s lyrics are sourced from Musixmatch, an existing song lyric and translation service. Given the scale and subscriber numbers Spotify has, it’s quite surprising that it doesn’t have the feature yet. Until now it had been one of our main reasons to use Apple Music instead (we like to chop and change).

If Spotify can roll it out to all users, it’ll be one more reason to stick with one music service as well as a way to host your own karaoke sessions.