The change was announced by Samsung Germany, who said that version 6.11 of the app and version 4.10 for the Galaxy Watch app would remove the features. It is assumed that the changes will be global. The announcement said:

“Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Fit users who still use the "Caffeine", "Weight Management" and "Calories" widgets in older versions will no longer be able to check the content on their phones when downloading Samsung Health Mobile version 6.11. The related data stored in Galaxy Watch or Galaxy Fit can only be saved temporarily and will be deleted after a certain time.”

This seems like an odd move from Samsung given the usefulness of the features. Not being able to upload your weight to the fitness app seems like a strange thing to drop.

With no reasoning given we can only assume that Samsung wishes to tidy up its app with what are perhaps its less used features, perhaps down to the fact they require manual input. If Samsung is seeing that people mainly upload and interact with data automatically recorded by Samsung wearables, then it might make sense to strip out its less used features.

Whatever the case, if you track your weight, food, and caffeine in Samsung Health then you’re going to have to find a new app.