Nuance has unveiled Dragon Anywhere, a cloud-based app for Android and iOS phones and tablets that for the first time brings its dictation- and productivity software to mobile devices. Read more about the Nuance Dragon Anywhere UK release date, price and features. Also see: 3 ways to use voice-dictation software.

Nuance Dragon Anywhere UK release date, price: When is Dragon Anywhere coming out?

Nuance Dragon Anywhere features: What's the difference between Dragon Dictation and Dragon Anywhere?

Dragon Anywhere differs from Dragon Dictation, an app already available to mobile devices, in that it offers professional-grade dictation-, editing- and formatting capabilities. With Dragon Anywhere you'll be able to compose- and format complete documents, reports, templates and more.

In common with Nuance's desktop Dragon software, with which Dragon Anywhere will automatically sync if you also have it installed on your computer, Anywhere is able to 'learn' your voice and improve its accuracy over time. Dragon Dictation, by comparison, is a much lighter, cut-down version of the software.

“By leveraging the cloud, Dragon Anywhere provides sophisticated dictation, editing, and formatting capabilities not offered by any other mobile voice dictation application, ensuring that professionals can stay productive wherever their work takes them,” said Peter Mahoney, senior vice president and general manager of Dragon. Also see: Speech recognition - the new power PC tool.

• Fast dictation and high-recognition accuracy

• Continual learning of a person’s unique voice for improved accuracy

• No time or length limits on dictation

• Robust voice formatting and editing options, including the ability to select words and sentences for editing or deletion, navigate through fields of a report template, and apply common formatting like underline, bold and italics

• Support for auto-texts that can be saved and inserted as a dictation command

• Support for custom words such as industry-specific terminology

• Support for simple importing and exporting to- and from popular cloud document-sharing tools such as Dropbox and Evernote

Other new Dragon dictation software from Nuance

Other new dictation solutions from Nuance

Dragon Anywhere is just one of a suite of new apps from Nuance. The company is also unveiling Dragon Professional Individual (£279.99 or upgrade for £169.99, available at the end of August) and Dragon for Mac (£139.99 or upgrade for £79.99, available at the beginning of September). Also new from Nuance are Dragon Professional Group and Nuance User Management Center, which will be available in the UK in autumn.

Dragon Professional Individual is an upgrade to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 that builds in support for Windows 10. It also has advanced custom commands, a simplified transcription tool, and will automatically sync with Dragon Anywhere custom words and auto-texts. Also see: Dragon NaturallySpeaking 13 review.

The Nuance User Management Center is for group deployments of Dragon Professional Group speech-recognition software, acting as a central administration hub.

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