Whether you want privacy or to stream content that isn’t available in your country, a VPN or Virtual Private Network is an essential tool for browsing the web these days.

NordVPN leads the market with its user-friendly apps and an extensive list of features. And at the moment it's cheap, with 70% off the 3-year plan. The company is also giving you an additional 3 months for free, so you get 39 months of VPN protection.

On top of that, it is throwing in its new service called Nord Locker. This is usually paid for separately at $8 (£6.48) per month, but if you go for this deal, you get it free for the whole length of the subscription. Locker uses the same encryption techniques as for its VPN service and allows you to encrypt your own files before uploading them to popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive. This means they’re safe from prying eyes even if someone were able to access your cloud storage account.

The discount lops £499 off the regular three-year price of the VPN service (£348.46) plus Nord Locker (£252) and means you only pay a total of £101.76 (which works out at £2.61 per month once you factor in the extra three months - or it’s £2.82 per month if you prefer to think of those final three months as being truly free).

Head to NordVPN’s website to see this deal, which is refundable for 30 days.

Nord sits at the top of our chart of the best VPNs around and there are a few reasons that make it our favourite. It's fast, easy to use, offers 5,687 servers across 60 countries, and works with Netflix, iPlayer, HBO GO, ShowTime, Hulu and a bunch of other streaming services. 

If you’re itching to see what the latest streaming service is like, here's how to watch Disney+ in the UK using a VPN. Also see our article on how to watch BBC iPlayer abroad.

Nord offers a kill switch in its app, which automatically stops all internet activity if the VPN tunnel collapses. You can fine-tune which apps it should terminate, so not all apps have to lose their connection. Nord also offers a feature called Double VPN which routes your connection through two servers instead of just one. 

See our full review of NordVPN for everything there is to know about the service.

Pick up NordVPN now with a massive 70% off and 3 extra months right now.

Best VPN deals

Here are some other VPN deals available right now:

1. PureVPN five-year subscription

From: PureVPN

Was: $10.95 per month

Now: $1.32 per month  (88% off)

Get an amazing 88% off when you subscribe to five years of PureVPN - $1.32 is approximately £1. PureVPN currently sits at number three in our best VPN chart

2. Surfshark VPN two-year subscription

From: Surfshark

Was: £227.76

Now: £37.25 (£1.49 per month)  (84% off)

Sign up for two years of this great VPN to get it for a bargain £1.49 per month. This is one of the cheapest VPN deals around.

3. VyprVPN 2-year Premium subscription

From: VyprVPN

Was: £310.80

Now: £60  (81% off)

VyprVPN's deal gets you 81% off the normal price, which means an up-front payment of £60 instead of £310.80 for a two-year subscription. That's just £2.50 per month.

There are cheaper deals available, but note that VyprVPN owns and manages all of its servers, and is a great choice if your priorities are security and privacy.

If you don't want to be tied in that long, there's 71% off the 12-month deal which costs £45 and is the equivalent of £3.75 per month.

4. NordVPN three-year subscription

From: NordVPN

Was: £331.25

Now: £96.74 upfront (£2.68 per month)  (70% off)

Get NordVPN for £2.68 a month by signing up to the three-year plan for £96.74. NordVPN tops our round-up of the best VPN services you can buy.

5. TunnelBear VPN two-year subscription

From: TunnelBear

Was: $239.76

Now: $99.99 ($4.17 per month)  (58% off)

Get two years of TunnelBear for a total of US$99.88, which is $4.17 per month. That's around £3.40.

6. Express VPN one-year subscription (3 months free)

From: ExpressVPN

Was: $194.25

Now: $99.95 ($6.67 per month)  (49% off)

Get ExpressVPN, one of our favourite VPNs, for $6.67 per month rather than $12.95 per month. At current exchange rates, this works out to be about £5.40.

7. Private Internet Access VPN one-year subscription

From: Private Internet Access

Was: $119.40

Now: $34.95 ($2.91 per month)  (71% off)

Private Internet Access's current offer gets you 71% off the one-year subscription (it's about £2.20 for those in the UK). It's in the top 10 of our best VPN chart – read our full review here.

8. Hidden24 VPN three-month subscription

From: Hidden24

Now: £9.99 total for 3 months with code idg1709

Get Hidden24 VPN for just £3.33 per month for 3 months using the exclusive code idg1709.