A key new feature of Visual Studio 2019 is the integration of an AI-assisted software, IntelliCode, developed to maximise efficiency and limit potential human error. The Artificial Intelligence program ensures that coding errors and bugs are detected before work goes live, saving users time and money.

This isn’t the first time AI has been integrated into Microsoft software. The latest Office 365 suite has various smart functions, from searching for words within image content to real time text translation into 60 different languages.

Another exciting feature of Visual Studio 2019 is the Live Share option. This allows users to collaborate with colleagues in real time, edit work together, target bugs as a group and share servers, no matter where in the world team members are located. Live Share is perfect for those who plan to work remotely on their devices.

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Visual Studio 2019 is now available as a free download and is compatible with an assortment of operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS and Mac. It works flawlessly on desktop PCs and laptops alike, but to get the most from this software, explore the selection of offers available from Tech Advisor and see if you could save up to £400 on PCs with a Microsoft discount code.