Adobe has launched a painting and illustration app for the iPad called Adobe Fresco. It’s free if you’re an Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) subscriber but you can also download a freemium version of the app that locks some features behind in-app purchases. There’s a third purchase option of $9.99 per month for the whole app, too.

Fresco has a huge set of paint brushes to let you better create oil or watercolour paintings on your iPad. In a blog post, artist Kyle T. Webster describes how you can prime a digital canvas with paint on the app and then the paint you layer over it will act in a different way then if you were painting onto a blank canvas, just like it would in real life. This method lets you blend paints with the Apple Pencil or Apple Pencil 2, depending on which iPad you have.

Fresco is compatible with iPad Pro, the latest iPad Air and the 2019 iPad mini.

Webster’s own custom digital brushes have been made available via Creative Cloud and Adobe says they can be used to great effect in Fresco. Apple and others have nailed how to create everything from pen strokes to complex CAD renders, but realistic paintings have been trickier. Fresco is hoping to change that.

Fresco works with Photoshop for easy files transfer and tinkering as part of the Creative Cloud suite.