The new UI elements make for a website that looks more round in its elements, with bubble-like boxes in the News Feed and a slightly altered and enlarged font in some menus. The elements are also all centred to the screen rather than running to the left of centre.

You can turn on the ‘new’ Facebook on your Mac or PC by clicking Settings > See New Facebook.

Image: Facebook/TechCrunch

The dark mode will be a welcome addition for many people who have got used to dark modes in Windows, macOS or on mobile. The Facebook app is predominantly white, but the new mode changes it to a black/grey view that looks slick and very un-Facebook.

The changes come a couple of weeks after Facebook updated its Messenger app to become simpler to use and less cluttered with features. The company is clearly trying to hone people back to the core Facebook experiences and away from some of the more confusing and convoluted ways the platform was trying to engage its users – mainly by shoving too many options on one screen.