VPNmentor has created a report on some of the most common Smart Home devices, and the results aren’t looking promising. Employing ‘white hat’ hackers to ethically hack devices to test their security, some glaring security flaws were found in the following devices:

  • Amazon Echo
  • Ring Doorbell
  • Samsung Smart Camera
  • August Smart Lock
  • Kwikset Smart Lock
  • Smart Plug

If you own one of these devices then all is not lost, there are several steps you can take to ensure the safety of your devices. Ensure the device’s firmware is up to date and make sure your device isn’t tampered with physically by knowing who can have physical access to it.

Perhaps most importantly, always make sure that you are getting your device from a trusted source. A second-hand product or one that has seen access from a third party could have been tampered with, and there will be very little or no physical evidence of this at all.

Take a look at the full report over on VPNmentor’s website.