Internet Security offers users solid protection from malware, ransomware, webcam infiltration, and network attacks, while AVG TuneUp lends robust optimization features to boost PC or Mac performance. TuneUp clears out unneeded files, repairs and cleans the registry, installs updates and, new to Ultimate 2020, removes any bloatware and unnecessary programs to keep your machine working quickly. See all PC TuneUp features over at AVG.

Another welcome upgrade is that Ultimate 2020 includes AVG Secure VPN for free. In our review of Ultimate 2019 (4.5/5 stars), we felt that the £79/$99 a year price offered great value for families, but were underwhelmed to find it lacking built-in VPN support, which had to be bought separately.

With the lockdown, VPNs seem more useful than ever. Apart from added browsing privacy and security, it's a handy tool to tread past geographical restrictions on streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus, or the newly launched HBO Max (using VPNs to access these platforms aren't illegal, but will violate the T&Cs). AVG Secure VPN is available for mobile too.

Pick up AVG Ultimate 2020 for £25. You can also see all our favourite antivirus software in our best antivirus chart.